Photo Challenge

To the photographer within, 

I want to create a photo challenge to better my photography.  I will choose a category (not in a certain order) and post pictures of my work. 

I would love for you to join me on the path to better photography! 

There should be 52 categories.

Here They Are!:

Metal, Orange, Animal, Tree(s), Flower, Green, Electronics, Shrubs, Blue, Walkway, Sky/Horizon, Too close to see the big picture, Macro, Black and White, Family, Dark, White, Books, Food, Best Friends, Landscape, Red, Head-shot, Shadows, Reflection, Texture, Messy, At Night, Hands, Weather, Silhouette, Simple, Water, Pattern, Fire, Road, Colorful, Chair, Up High, Nostalgic, Symmetrical, Blur, Object, Mood, Morning, Mirror, Window, Old and New, Writing, Eyes, Tiny, Bird

If you want to do the challenge, please tag me so that I can see your work! 


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